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2018 NEWSTAR Calendar

last updated 3/22/2018

2018 calendar

  • April 21st, noon-5pm, Astronomy Day at the Barlow Planetarium
  • April 22nd, Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks
  • May 4th-5th, NCRAL convention, Sturgeon Bay WI, sponsored by the Door Peninsula Astronomical Society,
  • May 6th-13th, Texas Star Party, held at the Prude Ranch near Fort Davis TX,
  • May 9th, Jupiter at opposition in the constellation Libra
  • May 15th, NEW MOON
  • June 13th, NEW MOON
  • June 27th, Saturn at opposition in the constellation Sagittarius not far from M22, rings will be almost wide-open at 26 degrees
  • July 12th-15th, WOW weekend at Hartman Creek State Park near Waupaca WI, we have all 5 sites, click here for more info
  • July 12th, NEW MOON
  • July 11th-14th,  ALCON (national AL convention), Hilton Hotel and Convention Center, near the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.
  • July 27th, Mars at opposition in the constellation Capricornus, 24.3", 36 million miles distant
  • August 5th-10th, Nebraska Star Party, Merritt Resevoir's Snake Campground, 40 miles south of Valentine NE,
  • August 10th, NEW MOON
  • August 11th, Perseid party at Mosquito Hill Nature Center, 8pm
  • August 12th, Perseid Meteor Shower peaks
  • August 12th, Venus shines bright in the evening sky
  • August 17th-19th, Northwoods Starfest, near Fall Creek WI,
  • August 26th, Mercury is bright in the morning sky
  • September 7th, Neptune at opposition, 2.4", 2.7 billion miles distant, magnitude 7.8
  • September 9th, NEW MOON
  • October 3rd, Uranus at opposition, 3.7", 1.76 billion miles distant, magnitude 5.7
  • October 8th, NEW MOON
  • October 13th, Harvest Moon Fest, Mosquito Hill Nature Center, New London
  • November 7th, NEW MOON
  • November 17th, Leonid Meteor Shower peaks
  • December 6th, NEW MOON
  • December 13th, Geminid Meteor Shower peaks

2019 calendar preview

Sunday night, January 20th, Total Lunar Eclipse, total begins 10:41pm, max eclipse 11:12pm, total ends 11:43pm, moon is high in the sky on the border of Gemini and Cancer,

Last Updated on Monday, 16 April 2018 19:53