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Planet elongations and oppostions


10/23/2023, elongation in the morning sky, constellation Leo, magnitude -4.51, size 24.17"


1/16/2025 opposition, constellation Gemini, magnitude -1.37, size 14.5"

2/19/2027 opposition, constellation Leo, magnitude -1.21, size 13.8"


11/3/2023 opposition, constellation Aires, magnitude -2.91, size 49.5"

12/7/2024 opposition, constellation Taurus, magnitude -2.81, size 48.21"

1/10/2026 opposition, constellation Gemini, magnitude -2.68, size 46.59"


8/27/2023 opposition, constellation Aquarius, magnitude 0.41, size 18.97"/44.18"

9/8/2024 opposition, constellation Aquarius, magnitude 0.57, size 19.20"/44.71", rings almost edge-on

9/20/2025 opposition, constellation Pisces, magnitude 0.62, size 19.44"/45.30", rings almost edge-on

Other events


upcoming eclipses (as viewed from Oshkosh WI)

October 14th 2023, partial annular solar eclipse 52% of the sun will be covered, starts 10:36am, max eclipse 11:55am, ends 1:17pm,

April 8th 2024, Total solar eclipse, 87% eclipse from Oshkosh WI, starts 12:53pm, max eclipse 2:08pm, ends 3:21pm,


September 2023

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July 2023 objects to observe

M80 globular cluster in Scorpius

M62 globluar cluster in Scorpius

NGC6302 Bug Nebula, faint planetary in Scorpius

M7 open cluster and nearby NGC6543 globular cluster in Scorpius

June 2023 objects to observe

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy in Ursa Major

NGC6543 Cat's Eye planetary nebula in Draco

M3 globular cluster in Canes Venatici

NGC5897 globular cluster in Libra

M5 globular cluster in Serpens

M13 globular cluster in Hercules

M92 globular cluster in Hercules

NGC6229 globular cluster in Hercules

NGC6210 planetary nebula in Hercules

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